Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"Say wow:news(இன்னும்)"

I should have visited the so and so website to get the news as fast as can be. But now on, I never want to say "Oh! i forget that online daily".

I am gratefully informing you about new shortcut to get the link for Tamil newspapers in online edition. At present it gives link to Chennai editions. Soon to come for other countries.


Enjoy Reading news from all tamil newspapers you like.

Stay tuned to http://techtamil.blogspot.com

"Say வாவ்! (இன்னும்)"....

Live Demo on right side

If you like this tool, Please copy & Paste the below code and place it in your blog/site.

<iframe id="frmid" src="http://www.tamilbookskadal.com/2kblogs.html" frameborder="0" width="210" allowtransparency="true" height="270"></iframe>


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